This project is one that I made quite a few years ago when I owned my own bead shop and started to blog. It was such a fun, versatile project that had so many design possibilities, that I wanted to share it with you. I made earrings with my stars, but a necklace or a charm bracelet would look amazing.

  1. Pick up 8(A) Seed Beads.
Step 1

2. Go back through all the (A) (from the tail upwards) picked up in the previous round to form a ring

Step 2

3    Coming out of a (A), pick up a (B) and go straight into the next (A) along.

Step 3

4.   Continue adding a (B) between all the (A) beads.

Step 4

5.    Coming out of a (B) that you added in the previous round, pick up 2(B) and go forward into the next (B) along. Repeat this step all the way around

Step 5

6.    Come up through the first (B) in one of the sets of 2 that you added in the previ- ous round. Pick up a (B) and go straight down through the second (B) from the set of two that you added in the previ- ous round. Also go down through the (B) from step four and up into the first (B) from the next set of two added in the previous round. Continue this all the way around.

Step 6

7.   You star should now look like this. Weave in the threads.

Step 7

8.  Cut lengths of chain to your desired length. Using a jump ring, go through the centre of the star and a link on the chain to join. Repeat all previous steps to make five stars (I’ve used different colours for all stars, but they would look equally lovely in just one colour). Attach all five lengths of chain to one main jump ring. Attach the ear wire to this jump ring.

Step 8

And the finished product will look like this.....