There is a lot of talk about all the new beads currently on the market in the Summer of 2020. Some people love the idea of working with new beads, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There is always the question of - What can I do with them?
In this feature, we’re going to pick a bead each issue to test and talk about.
When a new multi-holed bead hits the market, there is always that question of what does this one have that others don’t? Well, I can tell you that the Piros Par Puca is not only a bar bead, but a bar bead with a slopped edge on one side that gives an added dimension to your beadwork when using them. I think you can do a lot with a bar bead and in this case, I made this fabulous chevron pattern necklace that when mixed with the Bird Feather beads had a boho type effect to it. I can tell you I’ve worn this necklace a couple of times now with a vest top and jeans for a casual look and a little more dressed up with a maxi dress, and it worked well for both.

The necklace starts with Right Angle Weave (RAW) using Firepolish beads before moving into a more back and forth pattern. Although you could go all the way around your neck with this pattern as using the 4mm firepolished bead at the bottom of the RAW chain automatically gives it a curve, I prefer to add a chain to my collar type necklaces, but the choice is yours. I also found that this piece without the chain makes an amazing anklet, and I’m in the process of beading oneupnowtogowithmy summer sandals. The Piros Par Puca come in a range of colours, and there is truly something for everyone, but I went to my go-to of purple, gold and turquoise as I know I’ll be wearing this necklace a lot throughout summer.
As always I’d love to see what you do with this design and if you want to be featured on our facebook page, send in your version to Have fun!

  1. We’ll begin by making the RAW chain. Pick up 3(A), 1(B) and go back through them all again. Keep the (B) bead at the bottom and weave around to the (A) bead on the side.
Step 1

2.  Now because we’re using two different size beads for this chain we’ll have to alternate the way we pick up the three beads that make the next RAW. Coming out the bottom of the (A) pick up 2(A), 1(B) and go down into the (A) you’re coming out of. Weave around through the (B) and the next (A).

Step 2

3.  Coming out the top of the (A) pick up 1(B), 2(A) and go up into the (A) you’re com- ing out of. Weave around through the 2(A).

Step 3

4.  Continue alternating steps 2 and 3 until you have a total of 41(B). Coming of the side (A) as per usual, pick up 6(C) and go back into the (A) from the opposite side. At this point you may want to weave off your thread and add another that comes out of the first (B).

Step 4

5.  Pick up 1(D) and go into the next (B) along.

Step 5

6.  Continue adding (D) beads all the way along until you reach the other side. Add the 6(C) loop to and then weave through to come out of the first (D)

Step 6

7.  Pick up 1(E), 1(C), 1(E) and go into the next (D) along. Then pick up 4(C) and go into the next (D) along. Con- tinue alternating this pattern all the way along.

Step 7

8.  Weave through your beads to come out of the first (E). Pick up 1(F), 1(C), 1(F) and go through the next (E) and into the second (C) of the 4(C) from the previous round.

Step 8

9.  Pick up 1(C) and go into the next (C) from the set of four and then into the next (E) along. Continue step 8 and 9 all the way along.

Step 9

10.  Coming out of the first (F), pick up 1(E), 1(C), 1(E) and go into the next (F). Pick up 2(C) and go into the middle (C) added in the previous round. Pick up 2(C) and go into the next (F) along. Con- tinue all the way along.

Step 10

11.  Coming out of the first (E) from the previous round, pick up 1(G) and go into the (C) and then a second (G) and go into the next (E).

Step 11

12.  Pick up 1(H) with the curve facing outwards and go into the next (E). Continue step 11 and 12 all the way along and then weave off your threads.

13.  Add a piece of chain (the length you need for the necklace to just sit on your collarbone) to each loop of (C) beads and a clasp to the other ends.