Soutache is becoming more and more popular in the beading world and you can see why with pieces like this stunning cuff. Once you’ve got the hang of using the braid, you’ll find the piece is quite a quick project to make. If a cuff is not for you, why not make a pendant by adding a little loop off the top of the soutache and putting a piece of leather on the back. Soutache is such a versatile medium, that you can make your pieces as big or small as you like.
A basic knowledge of bead embroidery is needed for this project.

  1. Glue down cabochon on a piece of bead backing, leaving 2cm around the edges. Back- stitch around the cabochon with size 8 seed beads and go through all the beads once again to secure a snug fit.
Step 1

2   Cut 8 pieces of soutache, each one 18 cm long - 4(A), 2(B) & 2(C). Pick up first (A) and then (B) and fold in half. Go through the two strands of soutache starting from the middle. Sew from centre and out in small stitches going through the bead backing and then up through the bead backing and soutache. Do this on each side to the middle of the cabochon. Make sure not to pass the middle point.

Step 2

3. Place the rhinestone chain close to the lower corner of the soutache wraps and sew through the bead backing. Loop over each connector of the chain and go down the bead backing for each stitch. Continue all the way around to the other side.

Step 3

4. Go down through the bead backing and exit the centre of the cabochon on one side, add 1(C) and 1(A) soutache thread and pull them down towards the rhinestones. Wrap them securely around the cabochon, sew down one side and then the other. Repeat on the other side of the cabochon

Step 4

5. Cut off excess bead backing around the soutache, making sure that the bead backing is flush with the soutache. Be careful not to cut off too much!! Exit with the needle through one corner.

Exit your needle from one of the corners and add 1 size 6mm pearl. Separate the 8 soutache threads with your fingers and wrap four soutache threads around the pearl, sew up through the pearl, the soutache and back down again through soutache, pearl, soutache and bead backing, exiting through the back of the cabochon.

Step 5

6. After wrapping all four corners around a 6mm pearl, add a keshi pearl (or any other decorative bead) in each junction where all the threads meet to cover the joins.

Step 6

7. Cut 6 pieces of soutache, 2(A), 2(B), 2(C), each 15 cm long. Fold 1(A), 1(B), 1(C) in half. Exit the centre of the cabo- chon through the soutache and add 1 cube bead and go through the centre of all three soutache threads. Go back down through soutache, cube bead and previous layer of soutache

Step 7

8. Exit on one side of cube to add cubes, as many that will fit to reach the end of the cabochon side. The amount will vary depending on the size of your cube beads. Repeat on the opposite side of the cabochon to create two identical cube arches.

Step 8

9. Your centre piece should now look like this.

Step 9

10. Now add a 4mm pearl in each corner. Wrap the soutache around the pearl, go through the soutache and back down through bead backing on the back side. Wrap the soutache around the pearl and secure the soutache on the back with a few stitches. Cut off excess soutache.

Step 10

11. Making the embellishment elements: Cut out 1(A), 1(B) and 1(C) soutache, each 10 cm long. Fold in half and with a threaded needle, go from inside to out of the soutache (B) ,(C), (A), then back in towards the middle. Pick up an Amos bead and go through the other half of the soutache and back in again. Go down through the second hole of the Amos bead and through the soutache. Make sure to go through all six soutache threads under the Amos bead and secure. Cut off excess soutache, leaving a 1.5 cm tail. Make four Amos elements.

In the same manner, make two embellishment elements using leaf beads.

Step 11

12. You should now have six embellishment elements, and we are now ready to start as- sembling the bracelet.

13. Dab a bit of fabric glue on stems of each embellishment and place them under the cabochon element, starting with the leaf in the centre and adding an Amos element on each side. Press down on the cabochon to make sure that everything is tacked down properly. Let the glue dry.

Step 13

14. Prepare your brass bracelet by cutting out two pieces of leather 1cm larger than the actual bracelet. Glue the leather to both sides of the bracelet and let it dry. Trim to leave only a 2mm margin, with which we will sew the two sides together.

Step 14

15. With a long thread, add a knot in the end and with your needle position the thread through the top layer of the leather, capturing the knot in between the the two layers of leather. Pick up one size 11/0 seed bead, go through both pieces of leather and pull tight

Step 15

16. With the needle go up through the bead again and pull tight. Repeat all around the bracelet.

Glue the soutache element in the centre of the bracelet and wait for it to dry.

Step 16

You are now ready for a night on the town!!