To make this beautiful project, designed by Nealay Patel, you will need:

Step 1: Pick up 1 (C) with the eye pin and then create a simple loop close to the bead. As you create the loop, make sure it faces the same direction as the existing eye on the bottom of your pin.

Step 2: Open one of your 13mm jump rings. Thread one end of the eye pin (created in
step 1) onto the jump ring and then thread 5 (A) onto the ring as shown in figure 1. Thread the jump ring through the other end of the eye pin, then add 5 (A). Close the jump ring as tightly as possible. Position the jump ring seam so that it is tucked inside a bead.

Figure 1

Step 3: Cut 48" (1.23m) of citrine beading wire and thread through 2 (A) beads, leaving a 2” (5 cm) tail. Pick up any (E) bead and pass through the 2 (A) beads again to form a loop. See figure 2. Adjust the loop so that it is about 10mm in diameter.

Figure 2

Step 4: Working on the same (A) beads, use the same technique to create another loop – don’t forget to add an (E) bead of your choice before you complete the loop. Adjust this loop to be twice the size of the previous loop. This completes your first petal.

Step 5: Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until you have added five petals around your central bead. When you have finished your final loop, pass through the first (A) bead, so you should find your tail wire and working wire are exiting from the opposite sides of the same (A) bead. Pick up a crystal bead and a 2mm crimp tube. Pass the tail wire through the crimp tube so that the wires cross each other inside the crimp. Use the magical universal crimpers by pressing the tube once into the notch, then turn the crimp on its side and press again to form a round crimp as shown in figure 3. Trim the excess wire.

Figure 3

Step 6: Follow steps 1-5 to create four more flowers. One flower should use a (C) bead for the centre and a 13mm jump ring, as you did for the first flower. Your second and third flowers should each use (D) beads for the centre and 10mm jump rings. The last flower should use the (B) bead for the centre and the 16mm jump ring.

Step 7: Attach the flowers together with the 3 mm jump rings. The largest flower should sit in the middle with the two middle-sized flowers attached on either side and the smaller flowers at the ends.

Step 8: Cut 12” (31 cm) silver colour beading wire and crimp one end to a 3 mm jump ring. String a pattern of 1 (F) and 3 (C) to the desired length to form one half of the necklace. Crimp the end to a 3mm jump ring. Attach a clasp to one end of this strand and the smallest flower to the other end. Repeat to make the other side of the necklace.