Following an historical theme I decided this project would focus on the steampunk genre. Inspired by science  fiction and science fantasy novels from writers such as Jules Verne, Mary Shelley and  H.G Wells. Steampunk works often incorporate  technology and design belonging to a period other than that being portrayed. Books such as ‘The Time Machine’ and ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’ are excellent examples of this.

Moving forward to modern day fashion, steampunk not only takes its influences from the victorian era, but also has a nature of a post apocalyptic society. This includes using gas masks and ragged clothing, and Steampunk jewellery often features components such as clock parts, cogs, old looking keys, chain and gemstones.

So in keeping with this theme I’m bringing you an industrial themed lariat made from cogs and chain.

  1. We’re going to start by making the focal part of the lariat. Taking a selection of the cog charms, start by arranging them into the base of your focal piece.
Step 1

2.  Now dab little bits of glue on several of the cogs you have left and glue them on top of the base cogs. Make sure to use them to join the base together.

Step 2

3.  Attach the end of your chain to a jump ring and attach the jump ring to a base cog on the focal.

Step 3

4.  Taking a small piece of chain, join both ends to a jump ring and attach them both to the other side of your focal piece.

Step 4

5.  Put the chain through the loop you made in step 4 and on the end of the chain attach several cogs using jump rings. This will make the bottom of the lariat. Make sure the end of the chain with the cogs attached cannot come through the loop. Your lariat is now complete!

Step 5